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The last 25 years have seen the use of building limes develop from what was regarded as a quaint eccentricity to an understanding that they are a central element of building conservation. This understanding led to a realisation that the properties of lime could be utilised very effectively in new-build work.

It also became obvious that building with lime is of key relevance to current environmental concerns.

Since 1993 when Anglia Lime Company pioneered the use of lime in East Anglia through training courses and the distribution of lime materials, this new awareness has brought about an ever-increasing use of lime in both old and new buildings.

In turn, this has led to the development of lime-based products and systems that make the use of lime more efficient and convenient, while retaining the beneficial properties of lime.

Anglia Lime Company can offer a sustainable lime-based solution, whether you are repairing plaster in your 15th Century cottage, re-pointing Georgian brickwork, installing a lime concrete floor or looking for a pre-coloured, spray applied finish for the most modern of buildings.

We supply best quality matured lime putty, natural hydraulic limes (NHL), readymix lime mortars, lime renders, lime plasters including hair and fibre mixes, fibrechalk, limewash and lime paints, chalk aggregates, wooden laths, tools etc.