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St Astier - producers of quality lime

St Astier Natural Hydraulic Limes (NHL) and their derivative products have been produced by the same family since 1851.

The characteristics of the raw materials produced by St Astier, combined with the manufacturing process and rigorous quality controls, ensure the consistent and assured quality of their products.

As a distributor of St Astier products, Anglia Lime Company and their customers benefit from unrivaled assistance from the a technical department with over 165 years experience. This is fundamental in the industry of conservation and restoration. By their very nature projects in this category require specific products to ensure their compatibility with both existing materials and the fabric of the building.

Together, St Astier and Anglia Lime Company offer a range of ready mixed mortars and binders that combine all the characteristics appropriate not just for restoration but for the new-build sector too. Speed of set, strength, elasticity, plasticity, low capillarity and shrinkage are all verified. Combine this with the breathability and aesthetic quality of lime mortars and they are fast becoming the obvious alternative to cement mortars in the new-build and eco-build sectors.

St Astier NHL’s and additional lime products (lime binders, lime mortars and lime ready mixes) are distributed in a number of countries: from the arctic circle to the desert, from marine locations to high mountains. They have been, and continue to be, used on some of the most important world heritage sites reproducing the characteristics of ancient mortars as well as providing solutions to modern architectural mortar requirements.

St Astiers’ superior range of products and unrivalled on-hand expertise always ensures the best engineering solution for every individual project.

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