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Ancient Timber Framed Listed Cottage

At some point during the 20th Century this beautiful and ancient listed timber framed cottage had been rendered inside and out with a hard cement render .

The result was that far from keeping the damp out of the house, it retained it within the walls which were constructed of wattle and daub with timber sole plate and studs. Naturally it did not stand a chance, and the timbers soon began to decay.

With the sole plate completely gone and many of the oak studs rotted to a metre or more above ground, the house was in real danger of collapse.

A new sole plate was installed and the rotted studs scarfed with replacement oak before the whole building was rendered with a ALC's HairedChalk. The cottage is once more a joy to live in and to behold.

The Green Man Building Company


The extent of the damage caused by the cement render
Sole plates and the bottom of studs rotted away
The cement render caused damp and then insect infestation to the sole plates and studs
First came the damp, then the mould, then the insects!
Replacement oak studs scarfed to the existing sound timber
A newly fitted green oak sole plate beautifully jointed
Preserving the remaining wattle & daub
The HairedChalk render going on
Finishing touches to the render
The completed project