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Barn Conversion, Dunwich Farm, Stevenage

A large seventeenth century timber framed barn converted into a pair of semi-detached properties.

Anglia Lime Company's FibreChalk was applied in one coat to a background of Savolit Woodwool board fixed between the exposed timber frame.

There are a number of major advantages to this system; firstly, FibreChalk mix is based on the ingredients of medieval plasters and so historically and aesthetically contemporary with the type of building. 

The ability to apply the plaster in one coat directly onto the board, without the need for meshes or backing coats offers a major labour saving over other lime plaster systems. 

The finished plaster dries to a visually pleasing pale cream and does not require decorating, this is a huge advantage, especially in a vaulted roof space where access for redecorating would be difficult and costly.