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Kilverstone War Memorial

The Kilverstone First World War Memorial was designed by Edward Thomas Boardman, son of Edward Boardman of Norwich. It was built by the Kilverstone Estate in the first decade of the 20th Century, originally as a horse trough and subsequently dedicated as a First World War memorial. It stands prominently opposite the driveway to St Andrew’s Church in the village.

The renderedbrick structure takes the form of a distinctive Art Nouveau building with a pyramidal shaped roof, distinctive cedar shinglesand a water spout in the form of a fish mouth that dispenses water into the trough below. Marble plaques bear the names of the men of the village who lost their lives in WW1. Wooden benches recessed into the structure provide the perfect place for quiet contemplation.

Reports on the structure in recent years showed increasing and rapid deterioration. Within two years the wooden roof tiles went from being warped to many being beyond salvage. In addition the main structure was crumbling and the wooden benches were perished.

 In 2017 The War Memorials Trust carried out a site visit concerning a possible grant. This was duly granted and work began in earnest last year and was completed on 19th December 2018.

The repairs were specified and overseen by conservation architect David Bonner and the works carried out by Kybird Builders Ltd. 

The roof shingleshave all been replaced, together with the wooden side-bench seats. The brickwork was repaired tile archesand detailsrepointed using lime mortar and re-rendering had been done in a lime mix, both from Anglia Lime Company. The water trough and steps were repaired using limecrete and natural cement also supplied by Anglia Lime Company.

The water supply that feeds the repaired concrete trough at the front has also been repaired. The interior has been cleared and repaired. Finally, renovation discovered the remains of a cobbleflint surround, which has been replaced by local gault brickpaving, including an access path at the rear.

 Although the new render used for the repairs was a good colour match for the original strong yellow render, both new and existing surfaces were lime-washed with Anglia Lime Company's original Limewash at completion to provide a unified appearance.

The skillfulwork carried out by Kybird Builders Ltd.has given this unique war memorial structure the attention it so rightly deserves, preserving it for many more years to come.



Before the works
During the works
The restored trough
The fully restored memorial