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Naze Tower, Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex

The Naze Tower is an 86 foot high octagonal tower on the Essex coast. It was constructed from brick in 1720 as a navigational mark to aid shipping. In its position on an open cliff-top, mere metres from the sea, it was understandably in need of some TLC.

TJ Construction began the long process of raking out and re-pointing the entire structure in the Spring of 2015. Because of its exposed position, making it vulnerable to wind-driven rain and salty spray, it required a bespoke DryReadmix to use for the re-pointing. Anglia Lime Company formulated a mix that could respond to the additional pressures put on it in its exposed position whilst ensuring it complimented the brickwork both aesthetically and mechanically.

T J Construction

The Naze Tower
Painstakingly re-pointed
Ready for the onslaught of weather (and visitors!)