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St Marys Church, Westry, Cambridgeshire

St Mary's Church was destroyed by fire in March 2010. Only the four main walls were left standing. 4 years in March 2014 it re-opened after extensive rebuilding and renovation.

The curved, vaulted, apse ceiling has been beautifully restored and it was a complicated project.

Unusually, the laths had to be run vertically to create the smooth curve of the roof. Finding the right lime plaster that would cope with these issues might have been a problem were it not for Anglia Lime Company's Haired Chalk Mix, considerably lighter in weight than a standard lime/sand mix, infinitely more flexible and easy to apply.

Applied in one coat, Haired Chalk mix proved the perfect plaster for the job.
The surface was finished with Ingilby Mariners' Bound Distemper paint, colour matched to Architect Shona McKay's specification, the end result is truly stunning.

Main Contractors: Coulson Building Group
Contractors: Skillington Workshop, Building conservation and restoration specialists
Plasterer: Philip A Gaches MPCG CRP, specialist in the restoration of historic plaster-work.