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Insulating DryReadymix lime plaster - allowing you to keep the warmth in without compromising the integrity of the building

Thermalime is comprised of chalk, St Astier lime binder, fibres and an insulating component. This unique mix provides an element of thermal insulation to the interior or exterior of buildings, without losing the breathability and visual beauty of a soft lime plaster.

It can be used externally as a render or internally as a plaster. Properties include:

  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • There is zero shrinkage and therefore no cracking
  • Quick to use - it can be applied one day and finished the next
  • Can be applied by hand or spray applied with Rendergun

Because of its speed of set it has an added freeze thaw protection over other lime plasters and renders.

Thermalime has a lambda value of 0.1372W/(m.K) (Thermal Conductivity test in accordance with BS EN 12667:2001).

How does that compare?

  • Sheep's wool insulation - 0.040
  • Thermalite Blocks - 0.11
  • Thermalime - 0.1372
  • Wood - 0.16-0.25
  • Other insulating lime plaster available - 0.18

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