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Hempbuild - Bale
Hemp shiv for manufacture of hempcrete
Hempbuild Fine - Bale
Fine hemp for addition to hemp plaster

Hemshiv from hemp grown in East Yorkshire.

Available as HempBuild for making hempcrete and also HempbuildFine for making hemp plasters.

Hempcrete is simply hemp shiv combined with lime and water as binding agents to make a soft mix which is then cast around a light timber frame (to give stability) using removable shuttering, it is then lightly tamped down to make a rigid but lightweight wall. Alternatively, the walls can be “built” by spraying 300 mm of hempcrete onto wood wool boards attached to the inside of the timber frame, or by using pre-cast hempcrete blocks, or factory assembled hempcrete-filled building panels. A 300mm hemcrete® wall absorbs 40kg CO2 during its construction while a typical brick wall emits 100kg, giving a net benefit of 140kg. Hempcrete is carbon negative.

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