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Traditional and innovative lime-based materials

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Angliamix - chalk & lime putty based plasters/renders

Anglia Lime Company's traditional yet innovative range of chalk & lime putty based plasters - ready-mixed and ready-to-use.

Analysis of traditional 16th Century plaster taken from timber frame buildings nearly always shows a high proportion of hair and chalk - and a complete absence of sand.

Angliamix plasters have been developed by Anglia Lime Company to replicate the traditional plaster found in period properties. Our plasters have been used on hundreds of buildings over the past 20 years and are approved by conservation authorities and architects.


The hair, or fibre, found in each Angliamix plaster have phenomenal flexibility which means that, unlike sand-based plaster which breaks like a biscuit when bent, they can cope with the background movement commonly occurring in timber-framed buildings.


The density of the chalk is significantly less than sand aggregate so the loading on a building is reduced. This means Angliamix plasters are lightweight and therefore the ideal material for ceilings.


Angliamix plasters are extremely versatile and will adhere to most backgrounds, such as traditional timber laths, plasterboard, woodwool boards, existing plasters, Artex, lightweight blocks etc.

Haired or fibred plasters are notoriously difficult to mix, however Anglia Lime Company supply Angliamix completely mixed and ready-to-use.

Mixed to order - ensuring you get the best quality, every time.